Simple and intuitive building of reports!

InfoConsulting, as a certified IFS partner in Europe, supports partner cooperation in the creation of a favourable business model and also takes care of the development of IFS Applications functionalities. InfoConsulting prepared the InfoReports product in order to better use the system that supports enterprise management. InfoReports (quick reports IFS) was made as a new IFS Applications module that supports versions 8, 9 and 10.

The integration of InfoReports (quick reports IFS) fully replaces other reporting systems, while also providing unique possibilities that are incomparable with other systems or reporting tools. The InfoReports module was prepared as an integration that is based on JasperReports, and adapted so that direct reporting from the IFS Applications database is even easier.

Due to InfoReports being used as a tool for designing reports (which also enables data sources to be configured and used in order to verify your reports), it displays a preview of a report with the possibility of improving it.

InfoReports gives the opportunity to design reports from scratch, or from one of many ready-to-use templates that are available in the tool. The tool supports work at many stages of designing reports: compilation, execution of a report and exporting of a document, or visualization.


Benefits of implementing InfoReports

  1. Simple installation
  2. Easier direct reporting from the database of IFS Applications
  3. Flexible and dynamic preparation of reports with the use of iReport technology
  4. InfoReports replaces other reporting systems, while also providing unique possibilities that are incomparable to other systems
  5. Numerous solutions that are available when designing means that building reports is simple and intuitive
  6. During exporting, it is possible to adapt a report to the printing format and the following popular formats of files: PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV, XML, ODT or DOC
  7. Reports can be saved at any time and then published and shared to selected groups or users
  8. It contains all necessary solutions – from tables through to graphs and also a number of other mathematical and statistical functions



  1. InfoReports as a new IFS Applications module
  2. InfoReports – Jasper Quick Reports
    1. New “InfoReports Definition” format. Registration of reports and importing report templates in *.jrxml format; templates are created in the iReport tool
    2. New “Overview of the InfoReports reports” form. Launching of the INFO Reports Jasper report. The report is generated as a *.pdf file
    3. Report management. The granting of permission is done by default and is analogous to IFS Quick Reports
  3. InfoReports – Operational Reports
    1. A new form for importing operational/system reports




  1. Environment:
  • IFS Applications 8.0, 9.0, 10.0
  • C#.Net
  • Java/Server IFS Applications
  • Jasper – iReport – JasperSoftStudio
  1. Installation of InfoReports
  • The installation of module is very simple and involves the execution and installation of sending. The sending contains *.jar files for the support of JasperReports, and also new forms with a service from the Application Server.