InfoConsulting – implementation of ERP class systems (IFS Applications, enova365, Streamsoft Prestiż), Business Intelligence, IT consulting, business analyzes.


INFO Billing

INFO Billing is a complementary solution for IFS Applications, which was created in order to support the work of enterprises that deliver media. The system supports processes related to customer service from the moment of submitting the application to the settlement of periodic payments for the delivery of media.



The Electronic Customer Service Office is an interactive tool that improves customer service. This modern communication channel allows customers to view their own documents via the Internet. All information is collected in one place and a customer has access to it without the need to leave the house. This functional system, which is proposed by InfoConsulting, facilitates the daily work of many enterprises.


INFO Business Intelligence

InfoConsulting Company has developed a modern IT solution for data management (Business Intelligence BI), which allows many databases to be used and provides information to employees, members of management and contractors – depending on the granted access rights.

IFS Applications InfoConsulting

IFS Applications

IFS Applications is an integrated ERP system to support the management of four major business processes: assets and services, manufacturing, supply chain and projects.